Mini Monkeybread Muffins

Hey guys! I don't know if you have noticed, but I love taking a recipe and turning it into a personalized serving! Things that are mini, bite sized, and hand held are some of my favorite food items! These Mini Monkey Bread's are at the top of my list of favorites! They are still that same sticky, ooey-gooey mess that typical monkey bread recipes give you, but they are easier to share because everyone gets their own! Warm soft bread, topped with sticky cinnamon sugar and cream cheese frosting, you cannot go wrong with these babies!

Meal Prepping in a Pinch

Hey guys! Meal prep Monday is almost over! I wanted to get real with you guys today and show you what my meal prep week looks like this week! It isn't the prettiest, it isn't measured out into individual containers, and it's nothing extravagant. This meal prep post is all about going back to the basics, promoting eating home cooked meals by keeping it simple, healthy, and delicious! Anybody can meal prep! Let me show you how!

Lorissa's Kitchen Prep Free Protein!

Hey friends! I have never done this before on my blog so I'm excited to tell you about this new sponsored post I am participating in! I want to take a second and tell you about this amazing new product I have recently discovered! Lorissa's Kitchen meat treats are a perfect treat for grab and go snacking! They are delicious and packed with protein which makes for a guiltless treat during a busy day! Learn more about Lorissa's Kitchen and keep reading! PLUS: You can enter to win a giveaway of a tote full of Lorissa's Kitchen snacks for yourself AND 20% off your next order when you enter so keep reading!!

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