Ancient Grains Gluten Free Crust @ Papa Johns

Hey there! I wanted to take a second to tell you about Papa John's new Ancient Grains Gluten Free Crust! The crust is thin and crispy and has a uniquely delicious flavor.  I love pizza but I don't always eat it! With this new crust, it reduces the calorie count which reduces the guilt! This crust is breaking gluten free expectations because it doesn't compromise the flavor!  Also, I have a coupon code that you can get a killer deal on a small two topping pizza! Keep reading and learn more here! 

Instapot Coconut Curry Chicken

Hey Guys! I have got an awesome new Instapot recipe for you today, along with introducing you to my new favorite go-to, Pop & Cook! Pop and Cook makes this recipe for Coconut Curry Chicken quick and simple! It has a delicious blend of spices and sauce that make this flavor so unique. Pop and cook makes everything so quick! Come make Instapot Coconut Curry Chicken with me for dinner tonight, it is faster than Take Out and better for you! Also, I have a full instructional video included!

Shark Week Shark Bait


It's Shark Week!! Shark Week is one of my favorite weeks in the summer because it is so fun! I love themes and shark week is so different and fun! This year for Shark Week, I wanted to develop a recipe that was fun, delicious, and perfect to snack on while enjoying the show! So without further ado, I bring you, Shark Bait! Shark Bait is a delicious blend of sweet, savory, and salty. You cannot go wrong! It is a fun dish that everybody will love! Make it with me this Shark Week!
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