Birthday Baking Made Easy

Have you ever woken up one morning to a notification from Facebook saying it is so and so's birthday today? Upon coming to college, it has happened to me a lot and usually the notification will catch me off guard because I didn't actually know when their birthday was! But you want to still get them something meaningful to show you value and appreciate their friendship! So what do you get them!? A candy bar? A tshirt? A mug that they'll probably never use? No, those are inconsiderate gifts to give to someone you care about. So what do you do!? Have no fear, I have the perfect solution! It goes against everything I believe in but it's quick, easy, and from the heart! And it turns out to be super cute too! I call it sending Cookie Love! 

Store bought cookie dough, I know, I'm terrible! But look how cute the packaging was! It's so little and perfect for a gift. Bailee humored me earlier because she thought I was going to give the cookie dough as a gift. Haha. No. 

All you have to do is cook up a dozen cookies or so, of your choice! Whatever you have time for works great! Today, I didn't have any time, so a store bought roll is what it came down to! Still delicious though, just not homemade. Better than buying made cookies if I do say so myself. 

After the cookies are cooked and cooled, stack as many as you want up in a clear, tall party bag. Tie off the bag with a cute bow. Now from here, you can get creative. You can put on a cute tag, a card, or tie a balloon to the bag. Today called for option 3. 

The final product! 
Cute, easy, and anyone will love it! A perfect no stress birthday present!😊 

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