Comfort Food Sunday

Sunday's are made to be lazy, and that is exactly how I feel today. After an exciting weekend, and battling a cold all week, I am completely burned out. After church, I just wanted something quick and easy that would keep me full for the day. My conclusion was that I needed some good old comfort food. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is on of my families staple meals. I chose to make that with a little more uniqueness to it. Grilled Pastrami and Swiss on Wheat bread and some Tomato Basil soup with wheat penne noodles! Delicious and nutritious!
Pastrami and Swiss Panini 
3 slices of pastrami 
2 slices Swiss cheese 
1 tbs light mayo
Optional: 1 tbs pesto 

Tomato Basil Soup 
1 can pregresso tomato basil soup 
1 c whole wheat penne noodles 
Salt and pepper to taste 

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