Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Everything but the kitchen sink scrambled hash! You know those days where you just need to eat what is in the fridge before your crazy weekend comes and you aren't sure where you'll be having your next meal? That's what Thursday meals are made for! Today's breakfast calls for anything in the fridge that could potentially go bad within the next few days! You really can use anything you want that you have in stock!  Experiment a little and have some fun with it! Quick meals like this, for me, always turn out the best! 

Today's Scrambled Hash: 
2 large eggs 
3 mini bell peppers 
1/4 c black beans 
2 mushrooms 
2 deli ham slices chunked 
Monterey Jack cheese 
A dash of sour cream 
Pinch of cilantro 

Stir fry up the peppers and mushrooms until soft. Then add in the beans and the ham, and cook those for a minute. Next, add in the eggs and scramble the whole pan together! Add a dobble of sour cream and some cilantro and it makes the perfect quick breakfast hash! Enjoy! 

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