Creamy Italian Chicken

I have been so excited about this recipe all week! I love getting to use my crock pot because it free's up my night so much! It's the best to just have dinner ready when you get home from a long busy day, and this recipe is definitely something to get excited about! It's so easy and it tastes so delicious! 

Creamy Italian Chicken 
4-6 chicken breasts 
1 block cream cheese 
1 can cream of chicken soup 
1 package Italian dressing, dry 

Mix together cream cheese, soup, and Italian dressing. Pour over chicken in crock pot. Cook on low all day! Serve over rice or noodles! 

Side note: when looking at this recipe, I was curious if I could use Greek yogurt as a substitute for cream cheese. I figured I would play it safe and just use cream cheese for my first time making this recipe. When looking at the cream cheese options, I found a Greek option! It had less fat and sodium than Philadelphia cream cheese, but more sugar. Pros and cons but I tried it out and really enjoyed it! 

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