Pomegranate Banana Fruit Salad

Another great Thanksgiving favorite is a recipe I stole from my good friend Paige's mom when I went home with her one weekend! It's not your typical fruit salad and it calls for pomegranates! It's so easy and so delicious! I fell in love with it within the first bite! You've got to try it this holiday season! 

Want to know my secret to making the most incredible homemade whipping cream you've ever tasted? I'll tell you. Instead of using regular vanilla in my whip cream, I use vanilla bean paste. It's the greatest invention! You use it exactly as regular vanilla, but it tastes that much better! Leaves you whipping cream tasting like vanilla bean ice cream! It's a wise investment! 

Pomegranate Fruit Salad Recipe 
(Amounts depend on the number of people serving)
Whipping Cream 
Vanilla bean paste

I use homemade whip cream so first make that according to directions. I usually mix with a cup of sugar and a tsp of vanilla. Then fold in your banana slices, and pomegranate seeds! Serve chilled! 

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