Waky Cake

Hello again! This week a member of my home ward passed away, so my mom and I signed up to take the family dinner. We decided to do soup with bread bowls, and yummy desserts! Today I am sharing with you the dessert recipe.

This recipe turned out to be a two in one trial recipe because while we were at the store, my mom and I saw a gluten free flour that was 1-1 to original flour. This means that instead of having a weird substitution conversion, you can just trade out the flours one to one. I was so excited to try this out that I used it in my Waky Cake recipe! Of course, it can be made with ordinary flour as well. 

Waky Cake
4 1/2 c flour 
3 c sugar 
3 t vanilla 
3 t baking soda 
1 c oil 
3/4 c coco
3 T vinager 
3 c water 
3 t salt 

Mix ingredients and bake in a cookie sheet size pan at 350 for 25 minutes. 

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