Swig Fruit Water

Have you ever gone to Swig, but aren't a soda drinker so you never get anything or settle for a cookie? I used to have that problem too! I love flavored drinks but I don't drink soda. They don't offer my favorite Blue Powerade out of the Tap option, which is very specific I know but it is the only way I like it! So, I never really end up ordering anything! Then, I was introduced to Fruit Water!

Once I was introduced to fruit water it changed things for me. Swig mixes frozen fruit in water, and adds a little bit of coconut and vanilla syrup and it is heavenly. I get my syrups sugar free and I absolutely love it! It makes drinking water so much more flavorful and you can snack on the frozen fruit pieces when you are finished, or keep refilling the water for a delicious treat all day! You can run to swig and pick one up for a couple of bucks, or buy the ingredients and make your own anytime you want it. It's so easy and so so good. Make it for a crowd and everybody will ask what your secret ingredient is!

Swig Fruit Water 
1 16 ounce bottle of water 
1/2 c frozen strawberries
1/2 c frozen mangos 
1 T coconut syrup
1 T vanilla syrup

Mix together in water and enjoy. It's better if you can let it sit for a minute. 
Syrup amount is relative to bottle size. 

Syrups come in several different brands, here are the two I prefer. 

Order the brands I love directly through Amazon today here! 

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