Mother's Day Gift Ideas! ESSENTIALS in the Kitchen!

Mother's Day is upon us this week on Sunday! Have you thought about what you want to get that special Mother in your life? I always have the hardest time when Mother's Day rolls around thinking about what to get my mom because she is so amazing and I want to get her something that is a special as she is to me! I am always looking for gift ideas to help me brainstorm. This year, I have done all the work for you! I have rounded up a list of my personal favorite essentials in the kitchen to put together the perfect gift package! There is something for every price range, for every person!

This is my beautiful mother who deserves all the presents in the world! She is so awesome with supporting me and she was so great to help me put this list together! This gift idea guide is completely MOM APPROVED! You can purchase any of the products on this list directly from this sight by clicking on the image and it will direct you to the purchasing page! So from us to you, here is a list of 30+ gift ideas to get that special mother in your life and make her feel loved! 

less than $25

Lemon Juicer 

I love love love my lemon juicer it makes my life so much easier! Funny thing about this image, they are actually using it wrong in the display picture! At least wrong as far as I use it and everyone else I know that uses it! I wish I could change it but I can't! The lime half is actually meant to sit face down in the bottom, that way when you press down to juice it, the juice comes out the holes in the bottom! You basically have an inside out lemon when you take it out of the juicer!
Melon Baller 
Small/Medium/Large Cookie Scoop
I recommend having multiple sizes for cookie scoops because different recipes call for different sized cookies! This three set package pretty much covers all the bases for sizing needs!!
Citrus/Garlic Zester

40 Piece Rubbermaid Storage

The BEST spoon. Zeal Spoon

Did you ever think you could fall in love with a spoon? Well, let me tell you that you can! I love love love my Zeal Spoon! It has a stainless steel core that makes it heavier than a normal stirring spoon and its wrapped in silicon for easy cleaning! No more gross smells or discoloration like what happens to a wooden spoon! Replace it with one of these and you'll be so happy! You can purchase the Zeal Stainless Steel Core Spoon at Harmon's and only Harmon's for $12. That is the only place so far that I have seen them! It is a life changer!!

Salad Dressing Maker 
The nice thing about this dressing maker is it has the basis for different recipes of salad dressing written on the side! From there, you can make any dressing into exactly what you want! It also travels well so if you need to take a dressing to add on later, you can!

Cheese Grater 
Strawberry Huller 
This little guy is the most underrated tool in the kitchen! It makes prepping strawberries for salads, desserts, or anything you need sliced so much faster and easier! You basically grab the green steam of the strawberry, twist, and then pull out. Simple, easy, and efficient! Pair it with the strawberry slicer below and prepping strawberries is the easiest and quickest task!

Strawberry Slicer!

Apple Peeler
The apple peeler is great for pies or salads! It peels and slices at the same time reducing prep time and making life so so much easier! It also suctions to the counter for stability!
Baking Sheets
Because who doesn't love brand new, clean, baking sheets ?


Mandoline Slicer 
These can be very dangerous if not used correctly but it is a beautiful thing to have! It makes slicing easy and makes sure to keep each slice even! It has many different attachments so you can change up the slice!
Cuisinart Hand Blender
This hand blender is another underrated kitchen gadget! I use mine for making salad dressings and for hot soups; my broccoli cheese soup I use this to chop up the broccoli once it is softened, and for mixing proteins into shakes!
Panini Press
Cuisinart Food Processor/ 2 speed

Cast Iron Dutch Oven 
The dutch oven is an awesome kitchen tool for Sunday roast, chili, and casseroles. They come in a variety of colors, this is the color I own! The prices vary so catching it on sale is a must!


Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker 
Boom! Double time waffle maker! No more waiting around forever for each waffle to bake! Make two at a time and get everyone fed faster!

Instant Pot
The Instapot is one of the latest and greatest gadgets in the kitchen that people are going crazy about! It reduces cooking time down to almost half on some recipes! If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend getting one! I love mine for chicken, rice, soups, and so much more!! I have tons of recipes up that use an Instant Pot so just search it and see how I use mine!

Cuisinart Food Processor/ 4 speed

The food processor is awesome for chopping nuts, making salsa, and shredding chicken! This is the one I own! Who knew this could be such an all around tool!
Kitchenaid Hand Mixer 

$100 and UP

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 6 Qt 
Kitchenaid or Bosch? The battles lives on. I honestly own both and I love both for different reasons! No, I don't think you need to own both, I think if you pick one and stick to it then you will be fine! I use my Kitchenaid more often than my Bosch, but I love my Bosch for bread making, cheese grating, and vegetable slicing! The Bosch comes with a lid and has a more powerful motor, so you do not need to worry about the dough being too thick.
Bosch Styline Stand Mixer
Blendtec Blender
I'm a big Blendtec fan! Always have been. If I am going to drink a smoothie, I can't have a single lump or piece of spinach left! My Blendtec always gets the job done and that is why I love it!
Henckels 18 piece knife set

WÜSTHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

FirstBuild Opal01 Opal Nugget Ice Maker Portable, Countertop, Stainless Steel with Black Accents, 1-(Pack), Wrap

PLUS: A few extra gift suggestions that I think all mama's will love!

Bath Bombs!!
Because you never buy these for yourself even though you know how amazing they are in the bath!! "They make you feel fancy"-Sharie 

Essential Oils
I'm not a huge essential oil person but I do believe they work for certain things like helping sleep and giving energy! There are so many other great uses for essential oils too! This pack of 6 is only $14 and it has all of my personal favorite scents and flavors!
Handheld Steam Cleaner
You may laugh at this one but truly truly steam cleaners are awesome! They get those hard to reach places and they clean and sanitize with just water! We have both the hand held and a full sized steamer at our house and it's the best cleaning tool ever!
Light Up Mirror 
Awesome awesome mirror! One side is normal, and the other is magnetized which is only good for tweezing eyebrows! Don't go in there and start picking at your face because I know you will do it! No one see's you that close up so don't worry about it!

Echo Dot
Give your Mother the gift of music this Mother's Day! Great for the home or the office.

Roomba! A vacuum cleaner that does all the work for you. My mom loves hers.

A new dress. This Donna Morgan is my new favorite dress. I bought it in this yellow, but they have so many other cute colors to choose from.

The classic Marc Fisher wedge heel. So cute and classy! Love it!

LuluLemon in Movement 7/8 pant. These are my favorite pants I own! I love the material, the color options, and the fit!

LuluLemon on the Fly skirt! This skirt is one of my very favorite things I own and it's even on sale! It's got a great length and such a cute fit!

Adidas Ultra Boosts. My favorite shoe to workout in! I own three different pairs in three different colors. They are the best.

Also my mom and I's favorite summer sandal of all time. These are the perfect shoe for summer! Lightweight, breathable, and super comfortable! These also come in many colors like black, navy, red, gold...

You also can't go wrong with an Apple Watch. I have the Rose Gold apple watch, series 3 and I love it. It tracks my workouts, steps, sends me my notifications, calls, texts, and so much more!

Kate Spade Wallet
Fun fact about me, I LOVE KATE SPADE! I think they are the best quality brand and their line has the cutest products! For me, you can never go wrong with the gift of Kate Spade!
Witch Hazel
An awesome skin toner perfect for any age, any skin type! This is one of my favorite things in my morning routine! Made by Rose Thayer, remarkably soothing toner is made with rose-petal water, vitamin E and proprietary witch hazel extract. You can also buy this at Target, the direct link will take you to Amazon.

Image result for peloton

The Peloton Bike!!  The Peloton indoor cycling bike is the newest addition to my family and it has been extremely well received. It is so fun to be able to sign on a complete workouts either in live classes or on demand. Peloton is a “smart bike,” combining a single wheel exercise bike similar to those in Soul Cycle type classes, with cutting edge technology. It comes with a 21.5 inch Wi-Fi enabled 1080 High Definition flat screen monitor above the handlebars. It uses your home WiFi to stream both “live” classes from its physical NYC studio in real time, and an unbelievable treasure trove of past classes on-demand - more than three thousand of them!. The content is amazing, searchable and grows daily, and the other technological features of the bike are standouts as well.

You can use my code 7293PT to get $100 off when you purchase!

From me to you, Happy Mother's Day! Good luck with your Mother's Day shopping! Another thing you can never go wrong with is giving that special mother in your life a plate of homemade cookies! Sometimes it is the simple things that show them you love them most! Thanks so much for reading and following along to this point!

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  1. These are great picks! I just got an Instant Pot and LOVE it. And that Kate Spade wallet is pretty cute too!

  2. Omg. I love ALL of these ideas! I really want an Instapot & Thayers witch hazel is amazing!

  3. These are such great ideas! I have the three scoops and LOVE THEM!!!! Perfect for baking!

  4. Great round up! I want to try those spoons now!


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