Ancient Grains Gluten Free Crust @ Papa Johns

Hey there! I wanted to take a second to tell you about Papa John's new Ancient Grains Gluten Free Crust! The crust is thin and crispy and has a uniquely delicious flavor.  I love pizza but I don't always eat it! With this new crust, it reduces the calorie count which reduces the guilt! This crust is breaking gluten free expectations because it doesn't compromise the flavor!  Also, I have a coupon code that you can get a killer deal on a small two topping pizza! Keep reading and learn more here! 

This Papa Johns Gluten Free Crust pizza is great because it's a healthier option than typical pizza! The thin crust, the combination of grains, and the delicious toppings make this a delicious option for any gathering! Everyone loves pizza. You can now throw an easy and delicious lunch party anytime! Serve it with a delicious glass of pink lemonade and you cannot go wrong!

Guess what? I have a deal for you! You can order your own delicious small two topping Ancient Grains Gluten Free Crust for $9.99 with the promo code GLTN2T Get yours today through this link right here!

My favorite pizza is a combination pizza! I love piling on the veggies when I eat pizza! Now, it is even more guilt free with the gluten free thin crust as well as packed with veggies and protein! I'm all about healthy easy eating, and Papa Johns has now been added to my favorites list! #PJGlutenFreeCrust for the win! 

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