Favorite Caramel Apples

I love a good caramel apple! They are the perfect fall treat because apples are in season, candy is on the mind, and they can be made into cute festive treats! My favorite caramel apples are made with Peter's Caramel from Orson Gygi! I love how thick and chewy this caramel is. My favorite toppings are pictured above, sprinkles, oreo, and peanuts. But, my true favorite topping is a plain caramel apple. Really, I just prefer the plain caramel, in a cube, all my itself. But, occasionally I love a delicious caramel apple. Here is how I make mine.

One thing that I love about fall is that honey-crisp apples go on sale! Right now, at some locations, you can get honey-crisp apples for $0.80 a pound! If you know me, you know that I am picky about a few things; my brand of apple, toilet paper, and gas prices. Let's talk about brands of apples, the other two are irrelevant at the moment. I will only eat honey-crisp apples! Occasionally if I am desperate, I will go for a Pink Lady, but that is rare and only in moments of weakness. There is nothing I love more than a combination of a delicious, crisp honey-crisp apple, topped with thick chewy caramel sauce, and rolled in my topping of choice! I love making them at home as a family activity. Now you can too!

I snagged my caramel from the Orson Gygi sale last week! They have the best caramel for making caramel apples, in my opinion. I also got my sprinkles and peanuts from there as well. I love Gygi! My favorite caramel apple ever is actually from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is the Caramel Apple Pie Apple. If you get the chance, try it. You will not regret it!

You can use any apples that you would like for caramel apples. My favorite is honey-crisp because they are my favorite apple. Tip- try to buy apples that are similar in size. This will allow you to use the right amount of caramel for each apple and they will look prettier in the set. 

These caramel apples are so fun and there are so many different ways to serve them! You can dip the whole apple, then slice it and serve it, or you can use this new method I love! You slice the apples first, then dip them each individually! That way, they are bite sized pieces AND you can get more flavor options for toppings! Whatever you choose, everybody will love them!

Caramel Apples 
Yields 10-15 apples

2.5 pounds Orson Gygi Caramel
4 honeycrisp apples
Toppings of choice
white chocolate
cinnamon sugar

Also need:
Kabob sticks
wax paper

Melt down the caramel in a sauce pan on low heat, stirring repeatedly, until silky and smooth. This will take about 8 minutes. Prepare the apples by washing, drying, and skewering them to the sticks. Dip each apple in the caramel, then roll it in the toppings, and set on wax paper to set. Repeat until finished! Enjoy!

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