Very Berry Fruit Salad

The easiest berry fruit salad ever! I love it because it's the perfect side to any dinner, and it takes 10 minutes to throw together! Everyone loves it. You can make this with frozen berries or fresh berries, whatever you have on hand. I typically use frozen because I like the crunch and the cold texture! Plus, frozen berries require no prep work or chopping! It's a win win!

I like to buy a blend of frozen mixed berries for this recipe because they are already to go. If I am making a big dinner, I will take the bag out of the freezer, assemble the salad, then put it back in the fridge to defrost while I make up everything else. That way, the berries are still cold, but not frozen! 

The pretty pink color makes this recipe a great one for Valentines Day! Are you a stay in and cook dinner type of person, or do you prefer to go out?

I have always added marshmallows to this recipe! They add a fun texture and mix well with the fruit! You can also add more to this recipe if you like. You could add bananas, apples, mandarin oranges, and coconut. I like to keep it simple with just the berry blend, but you can dress this up as much as you want! 

Very Berry Fruit Salad 
Yields: 4-6

1 bag frozen mixed berries
1 cup strawberry yogurt 
1 cup whipped whipping cream or 1 tub cool whip
1 cup mini marshmallows 

Add the berries, yogurt, whipping cream, and marshmallows to a bowl. Mix well until evenly coated. Place in refrigerator until ready to serve. 

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