Salted Caramel Pretzel Buttons

Easy snack idea coming your way! Not every homemade dessert you make needs to be baked. Not every dessert you make needs to take hours of prepping and cooking and frosting and more! Sometimes, simple is better, am I right? That's why I LOVE this quick and easy snack idea! It's fun, simple, bite sized, and delicious! Perfect for a party, a gift, or just an afternoon pick me up. Make it with me!

Chocolate and caramel is my jam! I love the flavor combination in just about anything! I was always teased as a kid because if it had caramel in it, I would order it! 

There is just something about salt, chocolate, and caramel that just speaks to me. One of my favorite cheat day treats is the salted caramel squares from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They are nothing crazy special or fancy, just a block of caramel, dipped in milk chocolate and finished with sea salt. But it's one of my most favorite things in the whole world! But, it's pretty pricey. That's why I wanted to come up with a yummy treat that was inexpensive, but similar, to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Salted Caramel Pretzel Buttons
Yields 30 bites

1 cup melted caramel
30 pretzel pieces
30 hershey kisses
Parchment Paper

For the caramel, I use Orson Gygi's Peters Caramel block and cut off a chunk and melt down in a saucepan. You can also use candy caramels that are individually wrapped as well. Make sure you use a hard caramel, that way it will set up.

Melt down the caramel in a saucepan. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place about 30 pretzels down. Using a spoon, scoop a little bit of the melted caramel onto each pretzel. While still hot, stick a hershey kiss on top. Let sit on the counter or in the fridge until caramel is set up. Enjoy!

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