Beef Stroganoff AKA my fav

I love beef stroganoff. Honestly, it is up there as one of my favorite foods! It's just so great and so easy to make! Growing up, I didn't always like mushrooms but in the last year or so, I cannot get enough of them. I only like cooked mushrooms and I like to put them in things like pasta, eggs, ravioli etc.

This stroganoff recipe calls for a pint of sour cream, and as I was standing at the grocery store looking at how much a pint was and converting ounces to pints, I couldn't believe how fattening it could make this dish. It dawned on me that I could easy use greek yogurt as a substitute and that made me feel a lot better about eating it! Who wants to pound that much sour cream, especially around dinner time? Not me, that's for sure! Greek yogurt is the best alternative to making yourself feel better about yourself I think ;)

Also, the whole wheat noodles I use for my stroganoff are egg noodles. There are pros and cons to using egg noodles, like there is with just about anything in the world. One benefit is that they are low in fat and contain zero grams of trans fat; which trans fat really should be eliminated from our diets if at all possible. Also, because they are made with eggs, they provide a small amount of protein, that is beneficial if you are trying to increase your protein intake in your diet. All in all, I like using egg noodles and feel they are a healthy choice.  Any noodle will work just fine, it just depends on preference. You can also serve stroganoff over rice.

Another also, when selecting the beef options at the grocery store, there is usually 3 different options of cuts. One is high in fat and beef content, and cheap. One is lower than the first in fat content, but a little more expensive. And the last option, as you can imagine, is very low in fat and high in beef, but the most expensive. This is completely a personal choice, but I chose to go for the lowest in fat and pay the price because I know the harmful effects excess amounts of fat in a diet can have. It's a preventative measure, but it is completely personal preference. That is just what I choose to do. :)

Beef Stroganoff Recipe 
1 pkg onion soup mix 
1 cup mushroom soup
1 lb Lean Beef 
1 cup mushrooms 
1 pint greek yogurt (I only used about 10 ounces) 

Brown your hamburger in a frying pan. When browned, add in the soups and the mushrooms. Simmer. Just before serving, add in the greek yogurt. Serve hot over noodles or rice! 

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