Check out my sweet find of the week! Yes, this adorable crock pot was on sale for $8 at Walmart! I couldn't resist; I had to buy it! Crock-pot cooking in college is the BOMB! It's like basically having your mom there to cook for you, and have dinner ready for you when you get home! Now, with this crock-pot, I can be my own mom.

I was so excited to break this bad boy in! What better dish to start off with than knock off Cafe Rio Pork!? I feel like the only meat I've eaten here is chicken and deli meats, so it's about time that I shake things up! This recipe is so easy to follow and super easy to make! It has only 4 ingredients! All you need to do is combine them and then leave it in the cooker on low the whole day! It made the whole apartment smell like a Cafe Rio restaurant, in a good way :) The best part of cooking your own Rio pork is that you can have as much EXTRA MEAT as you want! I am so excited to have all the leftovers for the next few days! Tomorrow, I am making the Cilantro Lime Ranch Dressing to have with it! I'm so excited! 

Cafe Rio Pork
What you need:
- 2 lbs Pork meat 
- 1 c. Coke
- 1 c. Salsa
- 1 c. Brown Sugar 

Cook on low in your crock-pot all day! Shred with a fork and enjoy! 

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