Carbless Spaghetti

As many of you may have heart, this month I am trying a new diet to see if it has any correlation to my eczema break outs. I am eliminating gluten from my diet. You would be shocked how many things have gluten in them. Red vines? Gluten. Mustard? Gluten. It is a very cautious change to make in my life. But, I am excited about it and hope to see some results. 

As a result of this change, I am going to have a lot of gluten free recipes up. Anything can be made with normal flour or be substituted back. I'm excited for my new array of recipes to try! Wish me luck!! 

Carbless Spaghetti 
5 zucchini 
5 yellow squash 
Olive oil 

To prepare the no carb noodles is simple. Use any kitchen gadget you want to peel your vegetables into noodle strands. I used a cheese grater today. Next, fill a stovetop pan with a small layer of olive oil and bring it to high heat. Add the "noodles" and cook for one minute. Then, cover the noodles with water and add salt and let cook on medium high heat for 5-7 minutes or until soft. Strain and serve! 

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