Good Things Are Coming :)

Hello friends and family!

I am so excited to announce that My Own Meal Plan now has its own logo!

It has been quite the process working to make it perfect and capture really what my blog is all about but we did it! I love how it turned out!! 

When I originally had the idea to start up this blog, I was targeting a younger audience. Single college students, young married couples and small families! That is why I keep my recipes simple, inexpensive, and easy to follow along! Anyone can use these recipes and I would be happy if everyone did! I love how things are going and I am so excited to announce that I also have been working on a new cook book and it is FINISHED!! 

The first edition of My Own Meal Plan cookbooks will be here shortly! I can't wait to see how they turn out! Keep your eyes peeled for when I get them! 

Thanks everyone for the love and support I have received over these last few months. I love you guys!! 

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