Homemade Calzones

This week I am working as a night time nanny. My responsibilities are simple; make the kids dinner, drive them around, make sure homework is finished, and take their phones at night. But, I am not your typical nanny. I am a My Own Meal Plan nanny. The kids were so excited when they heard I was going to be watching them, and could not wait to see what I had planned to make for dinner.

All thanks to Si Fosters', A Bountiful Kitchen post that day, I decided to make her homemade calzones. They are fun, unique, and who doesn't like pizza? We had so much fun making them for dinner. I made the dough ahead of time at my house, so all we had to do when I got there was roll them out, stuff them, and bake! It was so easy and fun for everyone!

We stuffed ours as a traditional pizza would be with mushrooms, pepperonis, and mozzarella cheese. I am excited to try other stuffings next time I make these for sure! Head on over to @abountifulkitchen for the recipe and some great stuffing ideas!

A Bountiful Kitchen Calzone Recipe

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