Back at it again with the BLOG POSTS

Hello everyone!

Man, has it been forever!? I feel like I haven't had a free second for the last 3 months! Time flies when you're having fun! Obviously, I took the summer off and didn't share any recipes on the blog. Although I did not have any time to post, I still had time to cook! I catered a few bridal showers and weddings this summer that were so much fun!! I still love cooking and I did spend a lot of time cooking fun summer dishes but I never got around to sharing them with all of you. I apologize. With it being summer, working full time, getting engaged, planning a wedding, and starting at a new college, it is hard to find time for myself doing things that I love. Now that I am finally getting my life back into a routine, things will change. I can't wait to share with everyone what I have been working on!

This semester I am enrolled in an upper division nutrition course that I am stoked about. I love learning about nutrition and this time, it is focusing on cultural aspects of nutrition. Last year, I took a general nutrition course which taught me about the science behind our food, this semester I will be learning about the cultural aspects of food and how they shape the food we eat. I will periodically be sharing with you interesting things that I learn in that class.

As I noted above, I am getting married here in the next month! YAY! Cooking for two is SO much easier than cooking for one! No more left overs for the week!  My blog originally was focused towards college students, making meals for one, and surviving on a budget. Everything will still be the same, but do take in mind that I will now be cooking all meals for two. It shouldn't be that dramatic of an adjustment to recipes, but just a disclaimer incase portion sizes seem larger.

All and all, I am SO EXCITED to be back and sharing my recipes with all of you! I haven't forgotten you ;) Thank you so much for all the love and support! Here's to another great semester of #MYOWNMEALPLAN

Just in case you don't believe me, here is a preview of my summer and a few of my summer recipes
A perfect engagement to my dream guy!
Homemade granola, recipe coming soon!
@ the wedding I catered, yogurt bar
Fruit donut kabobs
The full wedding display
Homemade w/ fresh ingredients, Margarita Pizza
Recipe coming soon!
The bridal shower I catered
The full bridal shower display

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