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Hey friends! I have never done this before on my blog so I'm excited to tell you about this new sponsored post I am participating in! I want to take a second and tell you about this amazing new product I have recently discovered! Lorissa's Kitchen meat treats are a perfect treat for grab and go snacking! They are delicious and packed with protein which makes for a guiltless treat during a busy day! Learn more about Lorissa's Kitchen and keep reading! PLUS: You can enter to win a giveaway of a tote full of Lorissa's Kitchen snacks for yourself AND 20% off your next order when you enter so keep reading!!

Life gets busy and when things get busy, often the first thing to go is our personal health. That is when people start buying fast food, eating out, unhealthy snacking, and late night eating. These actions are okay in moderation, but they are hazardous to your health if continued over a long period of time. Having a healthy meal or snack in place for those busy moments help people to stay on track and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. That is one reason that I love meal prepping. When I don't have time to make a healthy meal at home, I have one pre-made in my fridge just 2 minutes away from being ready to eat. Some of my favorite meal prep recipes are my Summer Chicken Pineapple Bowls, Island Soyaki Teriyaki Bowls, and Spaghetti Squash with Cauliflower Alfredo bowls! Along with meal prepping each week, you should add Lorissa's Kitchen meat treats to your meal plan!

Lorissa's Kitchen meat treats have now been added to my meal prep routine! I often snack throughout the day on protein bars, trail mix, and fruits and vegetables. Now, I love adding this delicious high protein snack to my day! It is a delicious prep free protein that I can grab and go! Perfect treat to snack on for a day at the pool! As you all know, teriyaki flavor is one of my favorite flavorings! Lorissa's Kitchen offers a Ginger Teriyaki that is absolutely delicious! It is made with chicken that is raised without antibiotics. They offer other delicious and unique flavors that include Koren Beef Barbeque, Sweet Chili Pork, and Szechuan Peppercorn Beef. You can check out all of these delicious flavors on their page here Lorissa's Kitchen: What We Make.

There are 11 grams of protein per serving of Lorissa's Kitchen meat treats! These are the best treats ever! They are a great source of protein for snack time and it's a great alternative to grabbing a protein bar! It is also made with 100% grass-fed beef! There are no added growth hormones, no nitrites, no added MSG, and no preservatives. When you choose to eat Lorissa's Kitchen, you know exactly what you are getting! Are you convinced yet that these are the best found snacks ever yet? Because I am!

The best part is, you can purchase Lorissa's Kitchen meat treats on Amazon! It can't get any easier and convenient than ordering something online and having it delivered right to your door! Also, I would like to invite ALL of you to enter in Lorissa's Kitchen's promotion for a chance to win one of ten prize packages filled with Lorissa’s Kitchen products.  AND! Once you enter, you will be granted 20% off of your next order of meat treats on Amazon!! How awesome is that!?

I am convinced! I have always been a jerky fan, and I am absolutely loving these meat treats from Lorissa's Kitchen! They are high in protein, and I know exactly what goes into making them so that I can feel good about eating them! I would never endorse something if I didn't believe 100% in the product! This product is the whole package for me! The flavors are delicious, the bags are so convenient to grab and go, and I can ship them right to my door! I love them for an afternoon snack, after a workout, or when I am craving something to chew on!

You can follow Lorissa's Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram, and on their page Lorissa's Kitchen! Do not forget to enter in their "Snack More, Make Less Snacks" promotion! Enter HERE and receive 20% off of your next order! Also, shop Lorissa's Kitchen on Amazon for right to your door delivery!

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  1. I could TOTALLY lounge by the pool with my hand in one of these bags. YUM.


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